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.... Dreams Unwind, Love's A State Of Mind ....

... And The Spirits Are Ruthless With The Paths They Choose ....

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“It appears to me that destiny rules and the spirits are ruthless with the paths they choose ….”

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I watch too much TV, listen to too much music, take too many mediocre photos and drink too much tea. Extremely Flaily, Probably Insane.
Chicago Fire, Covert Affairs, Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, Hawaii Five-0, Nashville, Nikita, Parenthood, Played, Suits, The Mentalist, The Newsroom, White Collar.
30 Rock, Alias (S1-2), Bent, Bones (S1-3), Brothers & Sisters, Burn Notice, Camp, Castle (S1-5), Chuck, Combat Hospital, Conviction, CSI (S1-8), CSI:NY, ER, Friday Night Lights, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Go On, Greek, Hart Of Dixie (S1-2), House (S1-7), How I Met Your Mother (S1-3), In Plain Sight (S1-2), Las Vegas (S1-3), Law & Order: SVU (S1-11), Lie To Me, Life Unexpected, Lost In Austen, Medical Investigation, Miami Medical, NCIS (S1-2), Pan Am, Prison Break (S1-2), Psych (S1-4), Rizzoli & Isles, Rome, Scott & Bailey, Standoff, Studio 60, The Border, The Chicago Code, The Inside, The Office (US) (S1-5), The Vicar Of Dibley, The West Wing, Third Watch (S1-3), Unforgettable (S1), Veronica Mars, Without A Trace (S1-4).
Andy/Nina, Auggie/Annie, Baze/Cate, Ben/Abigail, Brian/Christina, Callie/Arizona, Cappie/Casey, Chase/Cameron, Chuck/Sarah, Cole/Mack, Danny/Lindsay, Danny/Jordan, Danny/Mary, Dean/Colette, Deeks/Kensi, Derek/Meredith, Doug/Carol, Elliot/Olivia, Eric/Tami, Faramir/Eowyn, Flack/Angell, Gibbs/Jenny, Gray/Layla, Grissom/Catherine, Harry/Hermione, Harvey/Donna, Henry/Teddy, House/Cuddy, Jane/Lisbon, Kip/Marina, Lightman/Foster, Luke/Becky, Mac/Stella, Martin/Samantha, Matt/Emily, Michael/Nikita, Michael/Sara, Mike/Rachel, Morgan/Prentiss, Nick/Sara, Peter/Elizabeth, Piz/Veronica, Robert/Kitty, Sean/Alex, Simon/CJ, Steve/Catherine, Tony/Kate, Tony/Sam, Vince/Jess, Wade/Zoe, Will/Mac.
AJ Cook, Allison Janney, Amanda Peet, Anna Belknap, Connie Britton, Eddie Cahill, Jane Austen, Jane Krakowski, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Capshaw, Josh Lucas, Julia Stiles, Kyle Chandler, Lauren Graham, Maggie Q, Matt Bomer, Matt Lauria, Matthew Perry, Michael B.Jordan, Miranda Otto, Paget Brewster, Patrick Dempsey, Rachel Griffiths, Reese Witherspoon, Robin Tunney, Sandra Bullock, Sasha Alexander, Stevie Nicks, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tina Fey.

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Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, Journey, Hall & Oates, Def Leppard, Foreigner, Kelly Clarkson, Idina Menzel, Tina Turner, Train, Pat Monahan, Leona Lewis, The Fray, Taylor Swift, Oasis, Snow Patrol, REO Speedwagon, The Rolling Stones, Lifehouse, Tyrone Wells, Clannad, Film Scores, Whitesnake, Toto, Idlewild, Matchbox 20, Don Henley, Dire Straits, S Club 7, Bon Jovi, Toploader, Vonray, Eric Clapton, Mat Kearney, Roger Daltrey, Alex Band, The Killers, The Script, Yoshida Brothers.
WICKED, Starlight Express, Rent, Legally Blonde The Musical, We Will Rock You, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Lord Of The Dance, Jersey Boys, The Lion King, Beauty & The Beast, High School Musical, The Sound of Music, Les Miserables, Mary Poppins, Blood Brothers, Carousel, Robin, Prince of Sherwood, Blue Man Group, The Rat Pack, The Lord Of The Rings Musical.
Lord Of The Rings, Narnia, Infernal Affairs, Sweet Home Alabama, National Treasure, James Bond, Twister, The Parent Trap, Enchanted, The Bourne Series, The Queen, Miss Congeniality, Love Actually, The Matrix, Hotel For Dogs, The Day After Tomorrow, School Of Rock, The Holiday, Madagascar, The Proposal, 10 Things I Hate About You, House Of Flying Daggers, The Blind Side, Date Night, Step Up, Just Go With It, The Hunger Games.
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Mood Theme: red_sox
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This journal is FRIENDS ONLY but I'm always up for making new friends so if we have fandoms/music/interests in common then don't hesitate to comment and I'll add you back!
I like friends who keep their LJ active. If you go a long time without updating or we haven’t spoken in awhile then I’ll probably de-friend you - no offence meant!
(Destiny Rules and Breathe (2am) …)

“Cause you can’t jump the tracks, we’re like cars on a cable, and life’s like an hourglass glued to the table, no one can find the rewind button girl ….”

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30 rock, 70s music, 80s music, airports, alias, amanda peet, auggie/annie, baze/cate, bones, brian/christina, brothers & sisters, burn notice, caffeine, callie/arizona, camp, cantonese, cappie/casey, castle, chinese, chris/eva, chuck, chuck/sarah, classic rock, combat hospital, conviction, covert affairs, criminal minds, csi, csi:ny, danny/jordan, danny/lindsay, danny/rachel, dean/colette, deeks/kensi, derek/meredith, doug/carol, eddie cahill, edinburgh, elliot/olivia, er, eric/tami, eurasian, faramir/eowyn, film scores, flack/angell, french horn, friday night lights, friends, gibbs/jenny, gilmore girls, go on, gray/layla, greek, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hart of dixie, hawaii five-0, henry/teddy, high school musical, hong kong, house md, infernal affairs, jane austen, jane/lisbon, jessica capshaw, josh lucas, julia stiles, kyle chandler, las vegas, last.fm, latin, lauren graham, law & order: svu, law & order: uk, legolas/arwen, lewis, lie to me, life unexpected, lightman/foster, london, lord of the dance, lord of the rings, lost in austen, luke/becky, mac/stella, martin/samantha, matt/emily, matthew perry, medical investigation, miami medical, michael/nikita, mike/rachel, miranda otto, morgan/prentiss, music, musicals, narnia, national treasure, ncis, nikita, pan am, parenthood, piano, piz/veronica, planes, prison break, psych, rachel griffiths, reese witherspoon, rizzoli & isles, rob lowe, robbie/laura, robert/kitty, robin tunney, rock, romantic comedies, rome, s club 7, sandra bullock, sasha alexander, scott & bailey, shawn/juliet, standoff, step up, studio 60, suits, takeshi kaneshiro, tea, the border, the bourne series, the chicago code, the hunger games, the inside, the mentalist, the newsroom, the office (us), the queen, the vicar of dibley, the west wing, third watch, tony/kate, tony/sam, travelling, unforgettable, veronica mars, vince/jess, west end, white collar, wicked, without a trace