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If you want to friend me then leave a comment here telling me what interests, fandoms and ships we have in common and how you found me.
*hugs everyone for your comments on my last post*

Okay after the 'Best Of British Music' Olympics Closing Ceremony successfully failed to showcase the Best Of British Music (apologies for that world), I am compiling a list of the ACTUAL Best British Artists from the past 50 years.


It was going to be Top 50 but I'm at #67 at the moment (with another whole list of artists which should be included but I refuse to include because I dislike them ..... hee, can't wait to debate those with you) so chances are I may have already covered your suggestions but I am looking forward to reading your thoughts.  Next to each artist I am linking to one of their most iconic songs so if you have any suggestions to that as well, comment away!

I am leaving this post Public *shock* *horror* just in case you know anyone who feels passionately about the subject who might want to participate!
..... because it's bean a really really long time since I did a poll!!!

I left certain characters off the list either because I knew if they were included they would win by a clear majority or simply because I wanted to make you choose between specific characters.

If you've watched an odd episode of a show that you don't watch regularly, still feel free to vote for characters based on first impressions (obviously if you have absolutely no idea who the characters are then ignore). 

I made this entry Public simply so if you know someone who would get a kick out of doing this, then you can link them.  You're under no obligation to do so though.

You may or may not go down (or up!) in my estimation based on the answers you give.

(Hee.  Just kidding.  For a lot of these I found it incredibly hard to choose a favourite myself).

A huge fandom poll about Favourite TV Characters under this cut!!!!!!Collapse )