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.... Dreams Unwind, Love's A State Of Mind ....
... And The Spirits Are Ruthless With The Paths They Choose ....
Friends Only! 
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If you want to friend me then leave a comment here telling me what interests, fandoms and ships we have in common and how you found me.
10.11.12 (UTC)
Hey! I found you while looking forpeople who also have The Newsroom listed as an interest; I love the show and could use some friends to talk about it, then when I got here I saw Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet and wow! I love them so much. We also have a mutual friend, so I thought I'd ask to friend you?
11.11.12 (UTC)
I'm always excited for new friends, especially ones who love The Newsroom! Added you! :)
11.11.12 (UTC)
Thank you! I've added you!
(Deleted comment)
29.12.12 (UTC)
No probs! Always eager to get new friends! :)
29.12.12 (UTC)
this is a comment because i'm weird like that.

things in common:
castle. grey's anatomy. prison break. alias. veronica mars. er. ncis: los angeles. go on. psych. friends. rizzoli & isles *that's all i remember from stalking your profile* ;)


Kelly Clarkson, Train, The Fray, Taylor Swift, Snow Patrol, Lifehouse, Mat Kearney, The Killers, The Script.
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