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*hugs everyone for your comments on my last post*

Okay after the 'Best Of British Music' Olympics Closing Ceremony successfully failed to showcase the Best Of British Music (apologies for that world), I am compiling a list of the ACTUAL Best British Artists from the past 50 years.


It was going to be Top 50 but I'm at #67 at the moment (with another whole list of artists which should be included but I refuse to include because I dislike them ..... hee, can't wait to debate those with you) so chances are I may have already covered your suggestions but I am looking forward to reading your thoughts.  Next to each artist I am linking to one of their most iconic songs so if you have any suggestions to that as well, comment away!

I am leaving this post Public *shock* *horror* just in case you know anyone who feels passionately about the subject who might want to participate!
16.08.12 (UTC)
Probably starting out with the obvious here, but...the Beatles! Coming up close behind would be the Rolling Stones, and then you'd also have to include The Who as well as Led Zeppelin. I'm sure I could be here all day pitching who I personally would put on that list, but I'll finish out with my #1 pick of who must be on that list, and that would be Queen.
16.08.12 (UTC)
Oooh exactly my thoughts! It baffles me that they didn't include any The Rolling Stones! Seriously, I would almost expect TPTB to "forget" The Who rather than The Rolling Stones.
16.08.12 (UTC)
God, I don't even KNOW british bands... at least not that I know like "okay, those bands are british"... *lol* Only Take That where I know for SURE they are from there and I love them, but I'm sure you're gonna have a great list! ♥
18.08.12 (UTC)
Anybody except Jessie goddamn-freaking J.

On two occasions.

WTF was up with that?
20.08.12 (UTC)
Okay, I'm going to exclude the obvious (Stones, Beatles, Who, etc), and pick some of the Brits I like (off my iPod - judge away!)

Coldplay (they have lots of haters, but I love em, lol)
the Bee Gees (lol, but they are pretty important in UK musical history, I think?)
Billy Idol
The Clash (obv)
The Cure
Dexy's Midnight Runners (lol)
Dire Straits
The Faces
Florence + the Machine
Fleetwood Mac
Franz Ferdinand
The Fratellis ♥
Snow Patrol
George Harrison
Kaiser Chiefs
Kate Nash
The Kooks
Mumford and Sons
Noah & the Whale
The Pretenders
The Proclaimers
The Verve
Rod Stewart (lol)
The Smiths
Tears for Fears
Tom Jones

I'm amused at my own list. Obviously I wouldn't say all of them deserve to be in a 'best of'' but thought it might give you some ideas (and a chance to mock my musical taste!)
23.08.12 (UTC)
Best comment EVER!


A lot of them are already on my list and there are some that I know SHOULD be on the list but I don't know enough about (The Smiths, Noah and the Whale etc.) and there are some that I really don't like so won't make the list (Rod Stewart - sorry!, Keane (tho I LOVE the song 'My Shadow), Kaiser Chiefs etc. I'm definitely going to check out the ones I'm not sure about before I finalise my list (never even heard of The Faces which is the only completely new name on there).

Oooh Jamiroquai! I'm not into that sort of music but definitely deserve a place! Would never have thought of them. What's their most famous song that got a lot of radio play? I know like one song of theirs and I can't think what it is atm!
23.08.12 (UTC)

I figured you'd probably have most of them. I basically just scrolled through my iPod to see what I had. Fair enough on the non-selections (I have like... one Rod Stewart song so don't think I'm a fan or anything!) though - everyone has different tastes!

I think I have a couple of The Faces' tunes (one from the Blackpool soundtrack at the very least). They are old school.

I don't mind some of Jamiroquai's more radio friendly tunes. Never bought an album, but they are good and upbeat and did represent a particular style of Brit music at a certain time! I think some of their more well known/popular tunes are:

Virtual Insanity (simple but visually cool video)
Cosmic Girl
Love Foolsphy (probably my personal favourite Jamiroquai song)
Feels Just Like It Should

I'm really looking forward to your list, btw! :DDDDD
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